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109/110, First Floor,
195 Nariman Point, Mumbai,
Maharashtra – 400 021, India.

Tel:  022-40023000


Career Requirement

Shri Dutt has a diverse and welcoming workplace based on the foundation of a strong legacy and the pillars of our values. In this busy, fast-paced culture, Shri Dutt focuses on fostering long-term relationships, both within its own team and with its customers. The company strives to work collaboratively with farmers and the community to achieve efficiency and succeed together.

Shri Dutt wishes to attract the brightest and the best talent across diverse backgrounds and disciplines. Every individual at the Shri Dutt Group is a vital component of our growth engine, and contributes to our success. We seek professionals who are:

  • Value driven
  • Knowledgeable
  • Hard working
  • Team players

Open Positions

    Marketing Manager

    Develop marketing and pricing strategies, generate new business leads, and oversee marketing department staff.

    Research & Development Manager

    Determine, implement and monitor R&D strategies and priorities to support the organisation's commercial, policy or research objectives.

    Product Development Manager

    Responsible for identifying new opportunities for developing new marketable products from concept to distribution.