Our Social Responsibility

A business cannot operate in a vacuum but in the context of its surroundings, which comprises of the society, the environment, the governments, the customers, and the employees. Shri Dutt believes that it is the moral responsibility of a company to ensure its growth and prosperity are reflected in its surroundings. Recognizing and imbibing this responsibility is necessary to create a Good Corporate Citizen.

Shri Dutt has a history of undertaking CSR activities for the benefit of the society, ranging from missions to eradicate hunger to livelihood enhancement projects. The CSR Committee at Shri Dutt closely monitors the CSR Activities of the company undertaken through itself, as well as through the Shri Dutt Foundation – the non-profit entity of the Shri Dutt Group. The Shri Dutt Foundation believes that successful CSR activities require thoughtfulness and understanding of the problems which plague the society, and the motivation and experience to tackle them.

Our Activities

CSR: Contributing responsibly towards the society

At Shri Dutt, CSR initiatives strive for development that positively impacts society and brings about a

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Collaborating with the Change Makers

Shri Dutt Foundation has been associated with socially beneficial drives which include contributing to the field

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Flood Relief in Kolhapur

The city of Kolhapur faced disastrous floods and extreme downpour in September 2019. The flooding and

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Healing lives in the times of COVID-19

In the present era of COVID-19, the Government of India is inspiring companies to provide social

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